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BGB Record is the place for new and upcoming stars. We are home to some of the most influential and innovative new artists of our time. Our roster of new and established recording artists is unparalleled. With a visionary approach toward discovering and nurturing musical talent, BGB Record is currently home to an impressive generation of major artists. The management and staff at BGB Record is in the music industry to help and assist artists of all music genres, because we are musicians and artists, and we know how hard it is to break out.  We are lovers of music and believe that every artist should be heard.  We are and will always remain an independent record label. We are dedicated to making good music.

Our company has been producing music for over 25 years -- our only change is our name -- from Wildgeese Record Production to BGB Record. Our original label, Wildgeese Record Production was founded in Kingston, Jamaica by Adrian Shippy (aka A-John) and co-founder/CEO Raphael Foster (aka Romeo Django) in 1989.  Our first songs mashed up the dancehall with artists like Romeo Django with Ladies Night, Little Wayne with Concord Money, Obediah and Django with Telephone Me, and Fungus-man with Tan Good This Year.  Johnny Christian with our first Gospel song titled "When Life Seems So Down and Out."

Wildgeese Record Production was well known and sought out by all kinds of new talent. This launched the next wave of artists like Little Harry, Junior Spyce (now known as Al Sincere or Alric Depass), Gunzales, Teddy Banton, Mikey Lawyah, Early Black, Bounty Hunter, Baby Wayne and Wippa Deemus. Buccaneer, Doctor C and many more artists.  Throughout the years, we worked with producers and executive producers like Alton Thomas, Timothy Doyle, engineer/producer, and executive producer Alric Depass. Our label design changed through the years, and we also produced songs in collaboration with other labels. Although we mainly produce Reggae Music, we produce other varieties of music as well such as disco, hip hop, calypso, and gospel.

Over the years, our company has done great work in the music industry.  We produce some famous artists, we also produce some new artists, but our musical ideas are for the world to hear and play an active part.  Every year, we release albums and singles worldwide. We all know music alone shall live and that's why we started this production.
We are who we set out to be; an honest, reliable and true record label, Wildgeese Record Production is now BGB Record.

We specialize in Reggae music but we also create other genres. From our first single in the late eighties, all our music is mixed and mastered in Jamaica at various studios by some of the most respected engineers in Jamaica. 


BGB Record is now the owner of Wildgeese Record Production Catalog of Music. All matters, legal or otherwise, concerning the production or distribution of any of the labels associated with Wildgeese Record Label, is now done through BGB Record. Ghetto Media Record, Akshon House Record and Delta Force Record is a part of the BGB Record Group of Labels. 

Producer : Raphael Foster
Executive Producers: Adrian Shippy and Michelle Cornwall Foster
phone# (1) 514 726 3361


Raphael Foster

CEO / Producer

CEO and the founder of Wildgeese Record Production Ltd, we been around since 1989 ,  Producer, Singer / Songwriter. Stage name Romeo Django


Michelle Cornwall


Executive Producer

Record Label owners and the executive producer since 2008. 


Adrian Shippy

President / Producer

President and the founder of the Parent Company  'Wildgeese Record Production Ltd", we been around since 1989 , I control the Gospel production, I am also a Singer / Songwriter. Stage name Johnny Christian.


Tossania Foster

Artist Manager 

Manage artists signed to the label, Event coordinator, CMO , Road Manager.

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